Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Update your Unreal Engine 4.4 UMG Menu to Work in 4.5

When I updated my project from to Unreal Engine 4.5, my Unreal Motion Graphics menu still looked alright, but the buttons no longer fired. If you followed my earlier tutorial (or set up a menu on your own in 4.4), then there is an easy fix to get your menu up and running again. This is a short tutorial on how to update your Unreal Engine 4.4 UMG Menu to 4.5.

Try Rebuilding From Source Manually Error: How to Update Your Blueprints-Only Unreal Engine Project From 4.4 to 4.5

This is a short tutorial on how to update your Unreal Engine 4.4 Blueprints-only project to the current 4.5 version of the engine if it fails to update automatically and gives you a "try rebuilding from source manually" error.

How to Create a Menu in Unreal Engine 4.5 using Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) - Part 1

Unreal has changed up how the Unreal Motion Graphics tool works between release 4.4, when it was experimental, and 4.5 for the official release. If you updated your old project to 4.5 and you had a menu in place from 4.4, you probably found that certain menu items may have been removed and that your key bindings no longer work.

This updated tutorial set will cover how to create a UMG menu so that works in Unreal Engine 4.5.

(Note: If your menu still looks fine, but does not function correctly, skip over to my post on how to update your UMG 4.4 Menu to 4.5)